The Pallet Community is an innovative solution to meet the needs of people getting reestablished following a disaster or crisis situation. It is an all-in-one package including shelters, toilets, showers, and kitchen that can be rapidly deployed and installed.



  • Everything needed to set-up a shelter community all in one shipping container

  • Quick to set-up and easy to disassemble, re-pack and move to another site

  • Provides private and secure living spaces as well as communal kitchen and meeting spaces

  • Shipping container converts to a bathroom, shower and laundry facility


  • The Community contains 8 Pallet Shelters for housing, 1 shelter for a security hut, 3 toilet and shower rooms, 1 laundry room and a yurt with a fully equipped kitchen and dining area

  • Everything can be re-packed in the container and moved to another site when necessary

  • The 9 shelters can house a maximum of 36 people


  • Fully customizable depending on the location and needs of the community

  • Number of shelter units, yurt, and toilet facilities can be custom ordered

  • Solar power system for LED light and phone charger in the shelters

  • Insulated roof and walls of shelters and yurt

  • Electric heat in shelters and yurt