Shelter 400

Our 400 Sq. Ft. shelter is based off of our 100 Sq. Ft. design and features
options for an open “bunkhouse” style, one, or two walls. H-2A compliant and perfect for cherry camp conversions.


  • Quick and easy to deploy

  • Shelters are shipped easily, minimizing storage and shipping costs

  • Lightweight and compact when collapsed

  • Safe, secure, and private

  • Adaptable to both hot and cold climates

  • High-quality materials, long lasting and easy to clean


  • Fold-up bunk system allows for customizable sleep and living space (up to 24 people)

  • A robust shelter with lockable door and windows

  • Secure ventilation system with openable ridge cap

  • Structural floor with aluminum framing that can be placed on any surface

  • Top-grade materials that are resistant to mold, mildew, and bed bugs

  • 110 MPH wind rating

  • 25 lbs. per sq. ft. snow load rating

  • Interchangeable bed/desk options


  • 110V Electrical connectivity kit

  • Climate control with heat and air conditioning

  • Solar Power System for LED light and phone charger

  • Insulated walls and roof for hot and cold climates

  • Custom fit mattress pad

  • Openable windows with screens

  • Lockable personal storage box

  • Emergency egress door

  • CO2 monitor

  • Fire extinguisher and smoke detector

  • Multiple outer wall material options